Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Easter is Coming and It's Time to Make Eggs

Notecards are fun to make. To me, the best part is that they are finished fast. Sometimes, I work on projects and then it takes as long to make the item, whether it is pouch, purse, album or whatever as it does to do the crazy quilting itself. With these little note cards, you can do your needlework and then just get out your glue and stick it to a card. I enjoy that!

So, here is a sample of the fast work. Eggs and more eggs. We don't dye them at our house, I just make them in an evening. Some, I mounted on felt backgrounds for hanging and some went onto note cards. These are note cards. I'll get the felt backs out in a day or so.

The card that is below was printed from a card that was sent to my "Daddy" when he was young. His aunts lived in Guernsey, Channel Islands and they cards they sent him were very interesting. This one says "To Greet You". There are others that are for little boys, this one seemed to be a card that was sent to the entire Hamon family. The colors are lovely.

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