Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prosperity Doll

This doll is a result from a class instructed by Chaska Peacock at . The class was a fun thing to do and I made many new and good friends.

It seems to be a good exercise to sit down and list the "things" in life that we want, not necessarily that we need. What is it that would make us truly happy? Sometimes it is a case of be careful what you wish fot, because you just might get it.

At any time though it is a good exercise and so I began to make my list. This doll carries that list in her hand. She also wears a watch face for a pin on her costume. I would like to have more time, not just in a day, but in life in general. She also has a house on her headdress, because we need and want a house of our own. The list has a few other things on it.

On Prosperity Doll's waist is a fancy cummerbund that was once a hair holder and I glued a golden cat to it, because I love cats and they enrich my my soul.

To make this doll have my desires and not someone else's, there is my face on that holographic buckle. Buckles make good headdresses after all and one thing I know is that that buckle needed a home as part of its destiny.

This photo will enlarge if you click on it.

I chose to make a list of the desirable things that we would like to have. Health, money, a house, and few other things that are meaningful only to us.

She has watch for a brooch, because I feel that I would like time and a watch face does symbolize that. Also, she has a house on her head dress, because we are expecting to buy this little house we live in. She has a cat on her cummerbund, because I need cats to nourish my soul.

As to the colors, I just like them. She has a hand painted chiffon shift over which she was a stoll of an intricate and colorful print and another of gold netting. She needed the ribbon around her neck just to keep her neck warm.

The only thing this lady really needs is a suitable name and I just haven't found out what it is yet. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Just email me at (I don't know how to make that a link yet.)


  1. Orinda,

    Your Prosperity Doll is so beautiful! I also love your blog and your beautiful creations in your etsy shop. Thank you for sharing so many personal things about yourself.


  2. I think your doll is great and what a good idea!!


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