Saturday, November 1, 2008

How Many Colors of White Are There?

Lately, I have been working on a small pillow. It is white on white. So, the question arises how many shades of white are there? Sometimes, my whites get a little ecru in them. It is very hard for me not to go pastel.

This pillow top is pieced mostly with hankies and very small napkins. There is a small circular doily which I used to cover some of the ugly corners. Seems like there are always ugly corners to cover. The corners where two or three or four pieces of fabric meet.

Preparation for Piecing:
  • Cut the foundation at least one inch larger than you would like the finished piece to be. I use muslin/calico.
  • Select hankies and napkins
  • Fold each one into quarters or halves
  • Cut a quarter or a half off. Whichever you decide
  • Use iron-on interfacing for the thin pieces. I like to use the woven interfacing.
  • Put the leftovers back in the box.
  • Usually, I have more pieces than I think I need and use them all.
Step by Step White on White:

Below is a hankie with Battenberg lace and some bobbin lace, I think it is bobbin lace. If someone knows for sure, please tell me. It is layered on top of a hankie with a crocheted edging.

So the piecing begins.
In the photo below, there is a hankie with triple “beading” lace. It was a very light weight fabric. That went down first, then a napkin with the open work squares with some bobbin lace underneath it. In the upper corner you can see the five inch crocheted doily. All pinned down and ready for the next bit.

Below, is another corner with the crocheted doily, which is sitting on a napkin with a crocheted edge. The discoloration of the napkin is apparent only in this photo.

Below is another corner with the openwork squares. I try to repeat shapes, because it holds the piece together visually. Thus, I used to different hankies that had openwork squares of some kind.

Finally, here is a whole “mess” of overlaps and corners, nothing making any sense. The mess is right where I have all those pins. There is a corner of a napkin that had some Battenburg lace on it, a linen hankie. I had begun to put lace edging where it was a little disorganized.

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