Sunday, October 26, 2008

Silk Ribbon Embroidery for the Ages

While cleaning out today, I was going through some old magazines, Piecework and Threads to be exact. There were some photos of some wondrous Silk Ribbon Embroidery. Here are some photos to share with you. These are from Piecework, Mar/Apr of 1995.
The photo with the "foot" was worn for presentation to the court of George V of France in June, 1928, by Mr George Henry O'Neill, and she gave it to the Metropolitan Museum in 1968. Here is the description:
"White net embroidered in silver cord over pink chiffon trimmed with silk ribbon flowers, front hemline."
The pink dress.petticoat, circa 1760. The description: "Detail, petticoat, with ornament of ruched ribbons, fly fringe,and rosettes, Inset detail, right sleeve." It was donated in 1959 by Irene Lewissohn.

Both photos by Sheldan Collins.

It is interesting that these are magnificent works of art and we do not know the artist. We know who purchased them and donated them to the museum and we know the name of the photographer. But the little lady sat and embroidered for hours without proper lighting, with very little convenience and did this marvelous embroidery? Maybe it was a man, he probably had more convenience if that was true?

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