Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hankie Pillow, of course it's white.

This pillow began with a button that I had decorated with silk ribbon ruffles and some white glass pearls. I had no particular use for it, I just wanted to see what could be done with a button form and some silk ribbon. The button was just lying on my work table and then I started this "hankie pillow" that a very nice lady had asked me to make for her.

So, I began to cut up hankies feeling quilty the whole time for cutting up those beautiful old things. Not that all of each hankie is beautiful, sometimes they are stained and we can use that part and cover the stain.

With the piecing done, I started the fun job of stitching, beading and sewing on buttons. This was an order for all white. So, I tea dyed some silk ribbon and began to see how many shades of white there are, knowing of course that there really is only one shade of white.

As I added roses and ruffles, buttons and beads, things did take shape, but the main focus bouquet lacked a little something. AHA, there was the button I had made. That pretty button now had a use and it knew its purpose in life. And at last the pillow was finished.

Here is the button,

Here is a little color, color is a good thing.

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