Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where did my Muse Go?

Something has happened to my muse. I no longer stitch and make fancy things with thread and needle. As a matter of fact, thread and needle are put away. Since the kitties came into my life, nothing is the same. These kitties are like a large exclamation mark that happened one Monday morning and things changed and I love those little bodies dearly and most important they love me. It is a brand new life for me.

I am doodling and learning to draw. I should say that I am trying to learn to draw, but I don't want to say that. I have filled about two sketchbooks of doodles which can be seen on my other blog, "I'm All Tangled Up". I have drawn many more since I started that blog. I have even sold one of the ACEO cards that I drew.

At one time, I looked and sought new threads and fabrics. Now, I look for new pens and paints, mostly pens. My husband says I create with pens what I once created with a needle and thread, the problem is there is no real use for drawings except to look at. But I keep doodling and drawing. I draw many dots, lines and circles and still can't imagine leaving a vacant place on the piece, just like I did with my embroideries.

So, the question is what to do with this Crazyquilting blog. Maybe I should change it's name and keep on going with the cats.

I have another blog that is about doodling and I need to keep it going as well.
I have many photos of the Tiny 'Tudes that I made so long ago. Many, many photos of my stuff and I have thought of just taking the cats off this blog and making another for the kitties or not. Then, I would post a great many of the photos that I have of my fabric pieces and close off the Crazyquilting blog.

It is strange, I look at all the photos of the pieces I have made and think they are lovely. I still have many pieces in boxes which I will be selling at a local gallery. But I look and wonder, did I really make this lovely thing? It would be very nice to make such lovely things again, but needlework is not there for me anymore. Perhaps 60 years of embroidering is enough for this lady.

So there you have it. Stay tuned. Onward through the Fog.


  1. If you are up to eyeballs in kittens, needlework has to take a back seat! I hope you get your love of CQing back, you do such lovely work.

  2. I understand about the kitties! I didn't know you had another doodling blog...will look at it too. Miss your stitching but you seem happy and that's all that matters!


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