Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Kitties at 5 weeks

The Kitties are growing. It seems that what takes two years for a human to do, kitties do it in about four or five weeks. Of course, they don't do quite as many things, but walk, meow, eat, and potty in the box takes about four or five weeks. Here they are a portrait. One of the few times they are actually still without playing. I put a video up on UTube if you want to see some kitties play and mama cat taking care of them.

As you can tell I am doing a lot of kittie watching. Brand new experience for me. They are barricaded from the rest of the house right now, but that little girl with the white and black nose can climb right over and walk around. What I am going to do when they all learn that I don't know. But I'll be finding out, that I know for sure.

Here is a little movie of waking up.


  1. Hi Orinda,
    They are so cute:))
    Thanks for sharing....

  2. Thank you for sharing, I love cats especially kittens!!

  3. Hi Orinda,
    Your art. work is Beautiful !
    many hugs.


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