Sunday, February 1, 2009

6 Picture Meme - I Was Tagged

I've been tagged. I wonder what the word Meme means and I wonder who starts these things. I know one thing, it is easy to know what you are going to write on your blog next time around. Makes it easy in so many ways.

I have been tagged by my talented friend Shari who lives in Colorado, as do I. It seems that she has secretly been enjoying my button making. Well, I enjoy it too.

The rules of the tag are that I have to go to the 6th file in my computer photos and print the 6th picture in that file on my blog. Then, I must tell you about it.

That was not easy because my 6th file had 3 albums in it, and there was no sixth to be had. So, I counted the main directory entitled my pictures and counted down six albums and luckily ended up with "art by Orinda". I had named it Art by Orinda so that I wouldn't have to run to the bottom of the stack in the O's to find my stuff all the time. Then I counted over 6 albums, which turned out to be eyeglass cases. Counted over 6 pictures and this is what I got.
It is the back of an eyeglass case that I made a couple of years ago.

Here is a detail of the upper front.

Here is the entire front.
A detail of the embroidery on the lower front.

Now to go tag 6 more blogs.

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