Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentine's Day

Once again, I'm making Valentines and here are some of them.
When I was ten, I had chicken pox which at that time was considered merely a childhood disease that everyone got sooner or later. It was two weeks home from school is what it was. And it was close to Valentine's Day so my mother brought in paper doilies and red construction paper. That is all I remember. I must have made some Valentines because I don't think I could have resisted. It would be fun to have one or two of those 10 year-old made Valentines. Here are some grown-up ones.

The lace on this heart was given to me by a friend. Actually, she gave me her vintage wedding dress to cut up. It was a gorgeous dress with a long train with pleating around the edge. It had about 100 tiny satin buttons and it was a job to cut up. At the same time very interesting to see the construction of such a lovely dress. Some of the lace pieces were glued to other lace pieces. It was not all taking out stitching but pulling and tugging to get the lace apart.

These are kind of simple ones, short and sweet as they say.

The next one is a print on silk of an old Valentine. The reds are kind of muted but it was fun to embellish.

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