Thursday, December 25, 2008

Photo Transfer sans Computer

For some family gifts this year, I found these "vintage" photo transfers that I had copied many years ago. Since they were appropriate for our daughter and my sister-in-law, I embellished them, we found frames for them and they became Christmas gifts. Haven't heard how well they were received yet. Actually, I had to wait until after Christmas so that the we assured they would be a surprise.

These photo transfers were done by burnishing commercial photocopies onto 100% silk using gum turpentine as the solvent. I don't even know if we can still buy gum turpentine, but we could about 15 years ago. The solvent allows the copy ink to transfer off the photocopy and onto the silk. It is an old fashioned process and it looks well with these 1950 and 1960's photos.

Here are some details and closeups of the pieces.

And another detail.

Since these were special gifts, I allowed the use of really old buttons, silk threads some old keepsake lace that I had, and some cultured pearls.

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