Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Pink Card Case

This Card Case measures 4.5 by 3 inches which is just right for credit cards and some money. This little case was an order from a client and is designed to be taken out in the evening without having to carry a large purse.

I pieced on a rather stiff interfacing so that the little card case doesn't flop around. It worked well and will certainly use that method again.

These photos are all of the finished piece.

The open card case

I cover large snaps with a matching or coordinating fabric before I sew them on. My goal is to make the snap look like a flower. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is not so successful, but the snap always looks better covered.

Instructions for covering the snap.
  • Cut a small round about 3/8 to 1/2 inch larger than the snap. Gather around the edge and slip the snap face down into the hollow. Pull up the gathering thread, cinch it off. You will probably need to trim the little wad of gathered fabric that is left on the back.
  • You'll then need to puncture a little hole so the snap can actually snap onto its mate.
  • Sew the side of the snap with the hole in it onto the base of your worked piece. In this case the dibble of the snap was on the flap and the side of the snap with the hole is on the card case itself.
  • Cover the other side of the snap in the same manner. And snap it into its mate so that you know where to sew them on.
  • Decorate the snaps as you desire with beads or embroidery. The two snaps do not have to be covered with the same color or decorated the same, just be sure that whatever you do, the snaps can get together and snap securely.
This is a detail of the back.

The little pink "round" is a Dorset button. I love making them and they always add a lot of texture and interest.
Instructions can be found in the book, 50 Heirloom Buttons by Nancy Nehring. That book is out of print, but you can find it at some Internet booksellers. There are some good instructions here. Also, with some of that wonderful thread, I made some bullion knot roses and buds.

Full view of the back

Here is a full view of the back of the card case. I used silk ribbon flowers and some wonderful hand painted silk embroidery thread which I buy from Evening Star Designs.

The finished front. The edge is lined with alternating seed beads and 3 mm glass pearls.

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